Tin Soldiers

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June 30th 2023

Combat veteran Wat Tyler resumes his job as a New York crime reporter, but can’t escape the shadow of Vietnam – or allegations of cowardice.

His first newspaper assignment reveals a high-level cover-up following the fatal shootings by National Guardsmen of three civilians at an anti-war protest. Powerful interests are determined to stop Tyler’s investigation at any cost – especially when he links the campus homicides to the murder of three scientists accused of using Vietnam veterans as lab rats.

As Tyler and criminal attorney JoBeth Medlock delve deeper into the paranoid psyche of Nixon’s America, it becomes clear that strings are being pulled in places they would never have imagined.

Inspired by real events at Kent State University, Ohio in May 1970, this fast-paced and immersive crime novel powerfully evokes America during the Vietnam War period of US history.


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  • ISBN: 9781803136387
  • eISBN: 9781805145738