Weird Love

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October 31st 2013

Pandril Press’ second collection of stories explores the ambiguities and nuances of love in its most diverse, startling and destructive guises.

This fresh anthology from published and new writers brings together lyrical, compelling and sometimes comic voices to tell tales of corrosive self-adoration, nuclear family fallout, forlorn desire, derelict affairs, and the quest for true(ish) love.

"This new anthology is an attractive blend of themes and styles. It reveals the mystery and the poetry beneath the surface of everyday life, the fears and emotions evoked by woods and water and remote, violent landscapes, but is also thoroughly up-to-date, with some very funny portrayals of online dating, difficult teenagers and the the stark realities of life at Jobcentre Plus."



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  • Paperback


  • ISBN: 9781909465176